This game was made for the Brackeys Game Jam 2020.2.

The Windows version is much more streamlined/efficient. I highly recommend playing that version.

It was made by Nathan Malenfant, Ryan Kelley, and Priyal Seebadri in a very short period of time. The theme was rewind.

Xbox Controller Controls:

  • LT:  Freeze Position
  • RT: Fire Main Weapon
  • RB: Throw/Re-Wind Yoyo
  • A: Jump
  • Left Stick: Move/Aim

Keyboard/Mouse Controls:

  • Left Shift: Freeze Position
  • Left Mouse: Fire Main Weapon
  • Right Mouse: Throw/Re-wind Yoyo
  • Space: Jump
  • WASD: Move

How we fit the theme:

We tried to avoid puzzle games, since we thought that was the obvious solution, and we are already working on a puzzle-plaformer centered around a "Rewind" mechanic.

We tried to use the concept "Rewind" in the sense of "Winding" and "Unwinding" (or rewinding) enemies. So the yoyo is thrown, and then rewound back to the character. The boombox throws out Tape attacks that are "Re-wound" back into the cassette tape.


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