You know that feeling when somebody waves at you, and you wave back, only to find out they were waving at somebody else, and you wanna die?

This game is about that.

This game was made as part of Global Game Jam 2017 in one weekend, where the theme was "Wave." It contains an infinite level, procedurally generated characters, and some solid voice acting, if I do say so myself.


  • May only work on a 64 bit browser. No performance optimizations were done on this game
  • This is a pretty rough game. We were on a super tight deadline and didn't have much time for polish and level balance
  • You can only wave at people waving at you
  • You must hold the mouse button down to wave. The wave takes a moment to complete.
  • If you start waving at a stranger and you let go, you don't lose as much time than if you complete the wave to a stranger.

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